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New 2022 Honda CB250R


One of the big four Japanese manufacturers Honda is also known for lunch all the segments of motorcycle. As we all know that India is not enough fortunate to get all motorcycles. But Honda recently launched CB250R, which creates a new sensation on the Indian market, mainly Indian Youths shows extreme interest about this motorcycle. CBR is a series that shows consistency of fully-faired motorbikes. Some of the most significant CB motorbikes are CB150R, CB250R, CB300R, CB500F, CB650R and CB1000R. This segment of bike comes in the lower end of the CB range and that has a decent balance between everyday ridden, touring to quite long and occasional track day. The estimated Ex-Showroom price range can be between ₹145000-150000.

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Weight and Rivals

Showa gives front USD forks, and they are includes Separate Function Fork (SFF-BP) units which power up more bump absorption capability and are lighter in weight. These all are about whole theme of 2022 Honda CB250R. This bike gets 145 kg weight that is very less as compared to others bike of this segment. The most impressive point is a KTM 125 Duke with a 125 cc engine weighs 159 kg, so here one can easily understand that it will be very easy to control. Slip and assist clutch are also added on the new version which ensures smooth shifts and in the previous model gear position indicator was missing but the fully-digital instrument cluster is now available in CB250R. 2022 Honda CB250R gets another notable features that it has 10.5 liter fuel tank and 795 mm seat height which is very user-friendly. With a single disc at both ends and comes with dual-channel ABS as standard. We can say that the breaking part will be very easy as this bike gets 145 kg weight.

picture courtesy honda.com

Engine and Gears

2022 Honda CB250R comes with a well, a quarter-litre engine. With a single-cylinder, liquid-cooled 249 cc engine that producing 26.8 bhp and 23 Nm. These all are very good specifications for a 250 cc motorcycle. If we focus in the low weight of 145 kg then Honda CB250R maintains a very impressive power-weight ratio. This engine is includes to a 6-speed transmission and we can expect smoother gear shifts as slip and assist clutch are the new update in this bike. Honda is unexpectedly to bring this motorcycle to India. If you keep daily news on bike then Kawasaki India doesn’t have a single-cylinder street or sports motorcycle in India, we have the another two of the Japanese Big Four, Yamaha and Suzuki. From Yamaha’s, we have the FZ25 and from Suzuki, we have Gixxer 250.



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